Prague: A Baroque Beauty


Arriving at Prague airport during the night could be a great fuss.  Firstly, you ought to know that there is no direct train shuttle to the centre, saviour of all introverted travellers, and instead you must take a twenty-five minute taxi or bus ride.  Not to worry, old faithful Uber is here to assist.

Having navigated the excessive American embassy security at the end of the road, we finally reached the antique castle-style door of the luxurious MOOO apartment complex at 1am, greeted by the resident golden cow (sculpture) and a bottle of prosecco with a handwritten note.  The apartment was gorgeous, with high arched ceilings and bright designer furniture: the perfect oasis in the tourist-packed Prague.


Almost all of the main sights in the Czech capital can be seen by traversing a near-straight line from Prague Castle, across Charles Bridge and into the Old Town.  As a result, the centre can become densely filled with tourists and it is sensible to head out early to avoid the crowds. At 8 am the atmosphere of Charles Bridge is calm and romantic, with misty views along the Vltava River, whose name originates from the term wild water.


We found photographs of the dreamy Klementium baroque library hall whilst searching online for things to to do during our trip.  Unfortunately, the internet can be very deceiving and the compulsory guided tour will only permit you to the peek through the doors momentarily, not even entering the room.  However, the disappointment was softened by a climb up the Klementium observatory tower which offers one of the best views across the city.


Prague is undoubtably a party city and from 8 pm onwards the Old Town is filled with the echo of chanting Brits sozzled on beer from the Irish pub. Nevertheless, there are more subdued options and one of our favourite experiences was an evening of classical music held in the Klementium baroque cathedral.


When in Prague it is essential to taste the rich and hearty local cuisine.  Restaurace Mincovna on Old Town Square has a particularly delicious selection including pickled cheese served with a large pretzel, and beef with dumplings, cranberries and a creamy sauce. Alternatively, whilst certainly not local, the Starbucks at Prague Castle boasts one of the best cafe views in the city. So yes, you can have that pumpkin spice latte whilst enjoying the earthy tones of the architectural landscape.


Evgenii Smazanovich, Old Town Square PragueImogen Butler, Charles Bridge PragueEvgenii Smazanovich, Old Town Square PragueView from Klementium Observatory

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